About us

IFY Industrial Ltd was founded in 2000.  We act as below:

1. Manufacturer, The 8 years experience professional OEM&ODM manufacturer of handbags,  Fashion bags, Evening bag, Purse, cosmetic bags and all kinds of everyday gifts.

2. Trading Company, we help to source any new or special items for customers over the world.  You can  just send the specification,  we will find similar or same items for you within 48 hours.

3. Service Provider,  we help to pack different items together, combine shipment, split payment to different suppliers.

Our main products  including fashion bags, evening bags, cosmetic bags, purses and all kinds of everyday gifts.

Our mission is to provide Quality Service to Customers as well as enhance Inter-Human-Relationship between Customes, Vendors and Colleague.

Please call us freely to cooperate.



Contact: Shadow Liu

Phone: 86-13418454622

Tel: 86-0755-29351655

Email: sales@ifyind.com

Add: Floor 5, 2nd Intustrial park, Nankeng, Bantian, Shenzhen, China

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