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  • IFY-B018


  • Product description: NEW For Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Defender Case Cover w/Screen & (clip fit Otterbox)
For Samsung Galaxy Note 5

Installation instructions: 

-Remove the outside layer carefully by hands. (Do not use tools to prevent damage)
-Open the inside shell by separating the two halves at the tabs as arrows pointed. 
-Place the phone between the hard plastic halves.
-Click the hard plastic case closed, and install the outside rubber case.

***(The screen protector can be peeled off, so the case can be used with a tempered glass screen protector if needed.)

***(Peel off the plastic screen protector if you have tempered glass installed on your phone already.)

**If the screen protector has separated from the case during transit, it can be easily reattached and is not defective. Your phone holds the screen protector tightly in place when installed.

If you need additional assistance, Please send us a message. There are also lots of tutorial videos on YouTube. just search " how to install a Defender Case"


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