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  • Product description: New Rugged Defender Heavy Duty Hybrid Case Cover For Apple (iPad Mini 1/2/3/4)
This Generic Defending Series iPad case employs multi-layer technology built with high-quality materials to create a rock-solid protective solution. The inner shell of the iPad case is composed of high-impact polycarbonate and includes a foam interior that delivers added shock absorption and protects the back of your iPad from scratches. The rugged silicone outer-layer absorbs impact from bumps and shocks while the textured exterior provides enhanced grip. The built-in screen protector prevents scratches, smudges and fingerprints from getting on your screen. The integrated shield stand acts as a protective cover on the front or the back and doubles as a kickstand for typing or viewing.  Compatibility: Apple Ipad Mini 1/2/3/4 Features: All features and functions are accessible with the case on, including the microphone, speaker, headphone jack, camera and connector port Silicone port covers keep dust and debris out of the main openings without interfering with usability Shield Stand supports viewing in portrait or landscape mode and accommodates a natural typing angle Material: Built-in screen protector prevents scratches and smudges while retaining the sensitivity of the touchscreen Durable two-piece polycarbonate inner layer snaps together to form a snug fit Rugged silicone outer layer wraps around the polycarbonate inner layer to create a rock-solid defense against oopsies like drops and shocks Environmental Protection: The case provides added protection against bump, shock, drop and dust intrusion. Case is NOT protective against water.  Package included: 1x Defender Series case for iPad Mini All parts are compatible to Otterbox Defender case 1 x Stand holder

Installation instructions: 

-Remove the outside layer carefully by hands. (Do not use tools to prevent damage)
-Open the inside shell by separating the two halves at the tabs as arrows pointed. 
-Place the  between the hard plastic halves.
-Click the hard plastic case closed, and install the outside rubber case.

If the screen protector has separated from the case during transit, it can be easily reattached and is not defective. Your phone holds the screen protector tightly in place when installed.

If you need additional assistance, Please send us a message. There are also lots of tutorial videos on YouTube. just search " how to install a Defender Case"

Rugged Hybrid Skin Generic Case Cover Protect your device with our premium case.
This accessory provides protection by preventing the device from dust and unnecessary scratches. 
It is made to fit perfect and gives the device its maximum protection. 
The high quality material is reinforced from the front edges, sides and back to prolong the life of the case. 
Besides its protection, it also has openings precisely made for the top and side buttons, charger port/dock connector, headset jack and speaker which allows you full access to all the functions on your device. 
Easy to install and last for a long time, our premium cases will help keep your device safe.
It comes with belt clip fits Otterbox defender Series


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