Bluetooth Speaker

  • IFY-A008


  • Product description: Waterproof Wireless Bluetooth Handsfree Mic Suction Mini Speaker Shower Car Blue
Compatible Brand: Universal
Features: Bluetooth Wireless
Type: Portable Speaker System
Brand: Unbranded/Generic
Color: Blue

1. Bluetooth 3.0+EDR (2.4G Hz Transmitting Frequency)
2. Transfer distance :~10M (the distance depends on the bluetooth device and environment).
3. Power: DC 5V- 100-120mA
4. Output : 3W
5. 3.7v 400mAh lithium Battery
6. 3 hour charging time
7. 6 hour operating time
8. IPx4 grade waterproof

1. Lets you enjoy your favorite music in high-quality sound in the shower,
pool, car, or just about anywhere else!

2. Long lasting Battery life (6 hours!!!) lets you use it in SEVERAL showers
before needing to charge!

3. IPx4 rated waterproof- meaning you can get water on it as much as you
want and it will still work JUST as well!

4. Great suction cup attached that will grab on to any flat surface! Shower,
door, windows, tables, pool linings, etc.

5. INCREDIBLE sound- Don't let the soft shower colors fool you! Great highs
and lows make it perfect for a home audio system.

6. Allows you to stream music from ANY Bluetooth enabled devices such as cell
phones, laptops, tablets.

7. Offers a wireless connection range of 10 meters (33 feet).

8. Convenient buttons for music and call control while in the shower,
at the pool, or in the car!

9. LED indicator

10. Powered by built-in rechargeable battery (charged by USB cord included).

11. Simple, durable, and smooth waterproof design.

12. Copatible Models:

- iPhone 5S/ 5C/ 5/ 4S/ 4/ 3GS/ 3G
- iPad 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, iPad Mini
- iPod Touch 4th/ 5th/ Nano 7
- Sony Xperia L36h L36i Z Ultra XL39h Z1 L39h
- Samsung Galaxy S1 S2 S3 S4, Note 1/ Note 2/ Note 3, Tab Series
- HTC One M7 Desire X Series S V
- Lumia 800 820 900 920
All of devices which have the Bluetooth Function, such as Tablet PC, Laptop, PSP, TV, Computer, etc.

Package Includes:
1 x Waterproof Bluetooth Mini Speaker new in Case
1 x USB power cable (For charging) (Included in Case)
1 x English Manual


Contact: Anna Liu

Phone: 86-13424224147

Tel: 86-0755-29351655


Add: Floor 5, 2nd Intustrial park, Nankeng, Bantian, Shenzhen, China

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